Camping Le Cottet à Saint Appolinard


Respect for nature...




amping is designed with respect for sustainable development. This is why we do everything to keep our camping planted with trees.


We want to limit our impact on the environment, by controlling energy and water consumption in a responsible manner.



We work as much as possible with local producers by promoting short circuits.


During the upgrade of the camping many things were done in this direction.


  • The wood for our chalets was purchased from two sawmills in the surrounding villages and we treated them with natural products (linseed oil, turpentine).
  • The hot water in the sanitary block is produced by a solar thermal system, a large majority of the taps are of the “push-button” type.
  • All lighting is equipped with ” Led ” lamps. 
    At night, the lighting of the camping is minimized in order to reduce light pollution and promote biodiversity.


In this ecological approach, we contribute, at our level, to respect the nature by promoting a zero waste approach.

  • The journeys of vehicles, inside the camping, are limited to the strict minimum.
Camping Le Cottet-Saint Appolinard- Ouverture du Camping-Travaux Sanitaires